Personal Concierge Primary Services

  • You will have your private concierge health practitioner to avoid any inconveniences and focus on preventive and pro active care to reach the final diagnosis and treatment.
  • You can consult your doctor within 24hours, spend more quality time and view the best results with the highest satisfaction.

Our Services


Are teleconsultations of Dr. Shah available?
Yes, consultations through audio and video calls are a part of our services but you will be able to access these only during office hours. You can choose any one of the two. We use Book a meeting for your consultations, and you can get further details in your email or via phone.
Dr. Shah is associated with which hospitals?
Dr. Shah personally visits the Trinity Medical centre and works with the hospitalists team at the subsequent hospitals: -
 Regional medical centre @ bayonet point.
 Mortan plant mease.
 Advent health hospital.
Is it necessary to have a prior appointment for visiting Dr. Shah?
It is required to schedule an appointment in advance, and walk-in visits, are only permitted in an emergency. Appointment booking and scheduling are both available through the website. You can plan an appointment that is convenient for you.
How do we check the medical reports for the tests conducted?
We provide transparency of your medical records by providing portal access. We have got EMRs (Electronic Medical Records). You can access your records through them without any problems. It will contain all your medical history as well as your treatment history.

My Patient Reviews

Steven Gibbs
Under Dr. Shah's and his team's supervision, I was able to completely comprehend my predicament and the procedures I needed to complete to improve my health. Their consultation services are among the most beneficial I've ever received.
Johnson Owen
When I caught Covid, Dr. Shah guided me on how to go to the EMR, quarantine, and take care of myself at home. I am thankful for his guidance through the testing situation I had to face.
Malley Fowl
The doctor has helped me through each vaccination plan, providing input and expanding my understanding of vaccinations, when to take them, and which ones to take.
Rosa Julia
I was able to effectively handle my problem better, sitting at home. Thanks to Dr. Shah's telephonic and video consulting services. They arranged my appointment and that I had my consultation on time, which prevented me from causing myself further harm.

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